Rethink the Cycle 

Aito CycleTM is the new way – to produce, own and recycle devices. 
Our service paves the way for the common journey towards
100% device recycling. 


Aito CycleTM promotes the recycling capacity of different actors. In unison we create a closed circulation system that helps to disconnect from the use of natural resources and the generation of waste. 

By harnessing expertise and strong know-how, we extend the life cycle of our devices. With innovative lifecycle diagnostics, sustainable maintenance and standardised materials recycling, we make our vision a reality today. 

Did you know

of e-waste is currently left unrecycled

Did you know 

of CO2 emissions from the manufacture of equipment can be reduced by extending its life cycle

Did you know 

emission reductions are achieved by extending the life cycle of the equipment by just one year

Start the common journey today

100% device recycling requires the involvement of all actors. The first steps towards the future are being taken today. If you wish to pave the way instead of standing still, contact us and join our mission.


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Business Lead, Circular Economy

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